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Learn To Produce Hip Hop Beats With Some Of The Best Beat Making Software Programs Online!


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Program to make Dubstep – DUBturbo Review

Read the full review on our website: tinyurl.com Get your copy of DUBturbo here: tinyurl.com Make Dubstep easily with minimal production experience. Instead of having to buy an expensive digital audio tool like FL Studio, Ableton, or Pro Tools you can now just get DubTurbo (Dub Turbo) and make your own beats!

The Analog Roland Orchestra — Jacks Highway

Label: Pastamusik 2009

Schrodinger’s Cat

This animation was created for an animation show in London by the very talented Chavdar Yordanov vimeo.com I created the sound design for this piece. Hope you enjoy! More of my work at www.behance.net

Behringer X32 – Bus Setup Explanation – NRCC

A few of you have been asking about the Bus Mixes on the X32. Here is a video on how I have mine setup at North Ridge Community Church. There are 16 busses which you can configure as subgroups, pre/post EQ (pre fader) and post fader. These buses can be considered as an AUX send on a normal analog board, Behringer just decided to call them a Bus. This is training material for the sound staff at North Ridge Community Church. Feel free to watch even if you are not part of NRCC. I will be posting a lot of training videos on the Behringer X32. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and don’t forget to check out my audio blog at brashleraudio.wordpress.com.

How to make good hip hop beats on fruity loops

Make good hip hop beats here tinyurl.com Revealed! How To Make Good Hip Hop Beats On Fruity Loops ! Make Your Own Banging Dance Tunes With Ease! If you have ever wanted to make your own dance music and looked up how to do it then the simple set of beats that you hear in your favourite tunes can start to look very complicated! You can find some solutions online to enable you to do this but when you look at the price of them it can be a little off putting and the only other way that you can make this sort of quality is with your own recording studio! Well alot of us are not in the position to start buying up all the equipment that you will need and for most of us this is where the dreams of being able to make your own dance music fades out! Get hip hop beats now tinyurl.com Well I have some good news! There is a way that you can make your own hip hop beats with ease and the best thing is how it sounds. You will be able to pick from loads of different samples and put them together in an easy to use interface and if you have any of your own sounds you can even import them in to your tracks. www.youtube.com As well as that there are so many different types of music that you can make this with revolutionary software. So how do you do this? Well the software is called Dub Turbo and it is the all in one solution for beginners and pros alike to make their own dance music and all other r music flavours with ease! Check out how to make good hip hop beats on fruity loops and see how

Vintage Equipment Music Editing

A followup video to nathanielscott’s “Vintage Equipment Music Recording” www.youtube.com where some basic editing is done. My control room is no where near ready for any projects. In fact, the construction isn’t done and there’s technically no power in the control room yet but I wanted to do this edit job before I officially start work again in a few weeks. Video & sound is just from a Canon A540, though the audio replay at the end has direct sound from the mixing board added to the camera audio.

♥ Sexy Club Music Mixes ♫ Best Sexy House Music Club Mix 2012 ♥

Beat Making Software — folklecontrade.com ♥ Sexy Club Music Mixes ♫ Best Sexy House Music Club Mix 2012 ♥ Official Website – www.clubmusicparty.com Cara Brett The Best Of Electronic Dancefloor [Club Hits 2012 ] Best House Dance Hits 2012-20113 New!!!CLUB & DANCE songs New House Music 2012 Mix [Club Party Lover's] Maximal Electro House – [ Clubbing Dance Music 2012 ] Nuevas En Musica House 2012 [Ultimas Canciones Del Club] Nouvelle Compile Electro Musique 2012 [Hits Des Clubs] Top House Music 2012 – New Club Hits [ Best DJ's Tunes] Top Electro House Music 2012 [ Club Mix & Live Set] Top Latin House Music 2012 & Best DJ Remixer . [ Clubbing Progressive House Music ][Vocal Trance] [ Clubbing Instrumental House Music ] The Best Of Electronic Dancefloor [ Club Mix] – House /Soulful /Deep /Dirty – House/ Fidget/ Electro /Trance – House/ Techno/ Minimal / Hard – House/ Progressive/ Tribal/ Funky – House/ Club/ Comercial / Instrumental – House/ Fidget/ Disco /Indie /Urban – House/ Acid /Jacking / Swing – House/ Nu Disco/ Bassline/ Nu Disco – Electro /Dance /Tecktonik /Clash – Electro /Jazz / Boogie/ Dub / Groove – ProgHouse/ ClubHouse/ TechHouse/ TribalHouse ♥ Sexy Club Music Mixes ♫ Best Sexy House Music Club Mix 2012 ♥ youtu.be

Great music making software that you can start using today

tinyurl.com Great music making software that you can start using today What’s more incredible is that the software automatically generates a video that goes with your beat so that you can put it up on your YouTube channel. You can format the video by adding your own pictures so that the video gets customized according to your song, creating a satisfactory music video for your track with minimum cost and effort.

KORG TV / Andreas Gundlach und der M3 XP

Andreas Gundlach mit seinem M3 in einer eher etwas ungewöhnlichen Umgebung. Der komplette Clip ist 35 Minuten lang und in voller Länge nur unter KORG.de zu sehen ! Weitere ähnliche Videos gibt es auf der www.KORG.de !


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